Can my kids go dogsledding?

On the Dogsledding Experience 5 years and older can join. However, if the temperature is -15 C or colder then no children under the age of 15 are allowed. On the winterday tour the age limit is 16 years old.

Can I go dogsledding in November?

It depends on the snow. If there is enough snow, we will start the tours. If you’d like to book a tour in November you can do so via e-mail and pay upon arrival, if the tour is cancelled due to the snow conditions, well no snow, no dogsledding.

When can we see the Northern Lights?

You have a chance to see the Northern Lights when it is dark.You can see the Northern Lights from the hostel. It is possible to see them from October to the beginning of April.

What is the difference between the Winterday Hostel and Hostel Haverskog?

In Hostel Haverskog each room has its own private WC and you have a little bit more space. In both hostels you are sharing a kitchen and shower.

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