From under the ice to above the clouds and all in between the winter guided day activities we do have available for this winter season is:

Winter fun equipment

This is a deal for those of you who’d like to have your own adventure in the wild. It includes both cross-country skis and snowshoes rental, so you can explore the winter wonderland on your own. You will have access to the equipment during your entire stay here. This is an exclusive deal only for guests staying at

Price: 150 SEK /Person

Included for all guests at our hostel that book a dogsledding tour

Winter clothes

With our super warm snowsuits, you will not have to be cold during your stay up here in the arctic! We also have warm snowboots that will keep your toes in place during the long cold days and nights. You will have access to the winter clothes during your entire stay here. This is an exclusive deal only for guests staying at

Price: 150 SEK /Person

Included for all guests at our hostel that book a dogsledding tour

Ice Fishing

Join us on our popular ice fishing trip. In the early season before ice conditions have stabilized on Lake Torneträsk we will go by mini bus to a smaller lake in the area and go for a short walk out onto the ice. When Torneträsk is safe to travel you will be taken out onto the ice by snowmobile. By the use of an ice drill we will make a hole through the ice, put down the lure and then try to catch the legendary and delicious Arctic Char. We will make a fire where you can enjoy a hot beverage as well as fry the fish that you have caught. You will also have access to our wooden hut where you can warm up in front of the fire.

The trip includes warm clothing and hot beverages

Tour Company:  Activities in Abisko

Price: 850 SEK /Person

Time: 09.30 – 11.30

Snow Shoe Hike

Join us as we venture into the area around Abisko National Park on snowshoes trying to catch up with some of the nature’s local residents. As you travel through the terrain you will learn how to identify the tracks of the different animals that are living in the area. Our guides are well acquainted with the area and will be more than happy to tell you about life in the Arctic. The trip includes warm clothing and hot beverages

Tour Company: Activities in Abisko

Price: 750 SEK /Person

Time: 14.00 – 16.00

Snowmobile Tour

Snowmobiles are the way we locals get around up here during the long winters. To drive your own snowmobile or to share one with a friend is both easy and fun. Travel into the area around the Abisko National Park and beyond. This trip will take us further into the wilderness and higher up into the mountainous area. As we cruise through the frozen landscape it is a big chance to encounter the ”King of the Forest”, the majestic moose.

Before making our way back home we will stop for a break and make a fire where you will be able to enjoy a hot beverage together with the magnificent views.

Tour Company: Activities in Abisko

Please note!
In order to drive your own snowmobile a regular driver’s license from your home country is required. If you do not have a license you can join the trip as a passenger.

Price: 2.800 SEK /Person

2 hour tour on a shared snowmobile (2 persons/snowmobile)

Price: 1.895 SEK /Person

2 hour tour on your own snowmobile

Snowmobile Sled Tour

During this adventure through the mountain areas around Abisko National Park you will sit comfortably in a sled driven by one of our snowmobile guides. The area is home to a number of wild animals, for instance moose, reindeer, wolverine and ptarmigan. Their prints can often be seen in the snow and it is not unusual to encounter some of these animals in person. Our guides are well acquainted with the area and will be happy to tell you about life in the Arctic.

You will be taken through a beautiful frozen landscape and after a while elevation will gradually start to increase. When weather conditions are good, you will soon be able to overlook the Abisko area, Lake Torneträsk and the mountains beyond. Before making our way back home we will stop for a break and make a fire where you will be able to enjoy a hot beverage together with the magnificent views.

Tour Company: Activities in Abisko

Price: 850 SEK /Person

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

09.30 – 11.30
14.00 – 16.00

Ice Climbing

Interested in trying a challenging adventure in arctic conditions? Then ice climbing is the thing for you! No previous experience is needed. Ice climbing equipment and certified guide is included in the tour.

The tour starts with fitting you out with ice climbing equipment (alpine boots, crampons, harness and helmet). After a short drive to the ice fall your guide will take you through the first basic steps of climbing vertical ice.

Make sure you dress warm and you will get one of the best arctic experience in your life!

Tour Company: Abisko Adventure

Price: 950 SEK /person

Start Time: 09.30 & 14.00


Your trip starts by meeting your guide and taking the journey through the mountains and into the forests of magical Swedish Lapland. On arrival at the ICEHOTEL you will receive your entrance ticket before joining your expert ICEHOTEL representative for a guided tour of the worlds first hotel made completely from ice!

Marvel at the amazing individually sculpted Art
Suites, Ice Rooms and Ice Church whilst learning about how this
one-of-a-kind hotel is designed and created each year . Finally head to
the Ice Bar to enjoy one of the coolest drinks you will probably ever

Following the tour you will have the chance to have lunch in the
comfortable restaurant, take a coffee in the stylish bar or buy some
souvenirs from your experience at this truly amazing hotel, before going
back to Abisko and Björkliden.

Tour company : Lights Over Lapland & Activities In Abisko

Price: 1.495 SEK /person

October 2nd – March 26th

Time: 09.00- 16.00


Visit the Sami & Reindeer in Jukkasjärvi

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows you to visit Kiruna’s finest open air museum which is dedicated to and run by Swedish Lapland’s local indigenous people – the Sami. This exciting day trip will give you firsthand access to Sami handicrafts and to top it all off – you will get to experience the amazing lifestyle of the Sámi people and to get up close &personal, inside an authentic corral with Lapland’s most iconic creature – the reindeer.


The open-air museum will teach you all you could ever want to know about Sami culture focusing on how traditional buildings are created, Sami lifestyle and how the Sami people interact with the local environment. You can even purchase a bag of Arctic moss and feed the reindeer which creates the perfect environment of a once in a lifetime photograph with these majestic creatures!


All of this excitement will most certainly make you hungry! This visit includes access to a lovely café which is located inside of a cozy wooden teepee which is owned and operated by the local Sami community. Warm drinks, sandwiches and classic Swedish Fika is available for purchase.

Good to know

  • Lunch is not included but can be purchased at Café Sápmi for an additional cost.
  • It is important that you wear warm clothes, hats and gloves as well
    as warm insulated winter boots for your feet.
  • Tour company : Lights Over Lapland & Activities In Abisko

Price: 1395 SEK /person

December 2nd/ March 26th

Start Time: 09.15 

Morning hike in Abisko national park

Would you like to enjoy a morning hike in the Arctic wilderness with one of the best outfitters in Abisko? Let one of Lights Over Lapland’s professional guides take you for a short, 3-4km guided hike in Abisko National Park! During this spectacular adventure, your guide will lead you down one of the beautiful local trails. A good example is the trail which meanders along the scenic Abisko river canyon. You will wander through an ancient mountain birch forest, enjoy stunning open views of the Abisko river delta, marvel at soaring mountain peaks, take in all the beautiful scenery around the incredible Lake Torneträsk and much more. All of our guides are highly trained and will share their deep pool of knowledge about tracks left behind by our local wildlife, local indigenous people of the region and what it is like to live in the Arctic.

While it is not guaranteed, you may have a chance to see beautiful animals during this trip such as reindeer, mountain hare, foxes, a full range of birds and the ever-majestic Scandinavian moose if luck is on your side! Be sure to bring a camera as this trip gives you an up close and personal experience in all of the most beautiful locations in Abisko National Park! Book your incredibly scenic hike with the best guides in Abisko today!

This hike will be led at a very relaxed pace and usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete. Most of the trip happens on well-trodden, level ground but there can be inclines and loose/drifted snow during the hike. The guide will help anyone navigate any little obstacles, and walking poles can be provided if requested. Please let us know if you have any physical limitations that would make it difficult for you to keep up with a group of ten guests and one guide.

Price: 599 SEK /person

Start Time: 09.30 


October 5th/ March 27th

 Abisko Private Aurora Chase

Are you dreaming of seeing the northern lights but don’t like the idea of joining a guided adventure with strangers? Are you looking for a COVID-19 secure way to chase the northern lights in Abisko National Park? Look no further – our team of professionals have used their collective knowledge to build the perfect adventure for you and your friends or family! Our private aurora adventure in Abisko National Park is based on the most flexible aurora adventure in Abisko with three distinct ways to search for the lights – the Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure. This 100% private aurora adventure gives you full control and allows your guide to take you to any number of our aurora watching locations in and around Abisko to maximize your chances of seeing the lights all in the privacy and security that only a 100% private aurora adventure can provide. Based on current snow conditions, aurora prognosis and weather forecasts, we will hunt for the lights on foot at a nearby teepee, chase the lights in a modern 4×4 van, or ride on a cozy sleigh which is pulled behind a snowmobile to one of our wilderness camps in and around Abisko National Park. The tour begins with a private pick up from any hotel in Abisko or Björkliden in one of our modern all-wheel drive vehicles with seating up to seven guests. Your guide will then provide you with a DSLR camera, overalls, headlamp and all the information needed to prepare you for the evenings excitement.

After a brief introduction and explanation of the night’s adventure your guide will discuss your options based on local weather and aurora forecasts. Our fantastic locations, combined with the exclusivity of a private adventure allows you to access one of the darkest areas in Abisko which means we will have an opportunity to see and photograph stars, galaxies, the milky way and the aurora borealis with virtually no light pollution. The bottom line is this: Our team has been searching for the northern lights in and around Abisko for more than a decade and will use our collective knowledge to give you an incredibly high likelihood of success – no other outfitter can offer you a private aurora tour with this much flexibility!

Price: 9,995 SEK /person

Start Time: 20.00


October 5th/ March 27th

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