Soar through the white and wild winter landscape. The mountains around Abisko will give you some unforgettable views. We have tours where you drive your own team or where you sit and relax while one of our well experienced guides drive you.


Please enter the day before your preferred tour date as check-in date, then you will see all available tours for the day after.


For you who are staying in the hostel and book a dogsledding tour you will have access to *winter clothes and the *winterfun equipment during your entire stay.

*Winter clothes: snowsuit, boots and mittens
*Winterfun equipment: cross-country skis and snowshoes

Dogsledding Experience

Imagine you are being pulled by dogs. You have no worries, only to feel the thrill of the speed, the silence and the beautiful Arctic landscapes.

The guide will drive the sled, so you will feel free and enjoy the experience. While on the dogsled you can take pictures and videos. There will be a small break, during the tour, where we let the dogs catch their breath and you will also have a chance to pet the dogs and warm up, as it can be quite cold in the Arctic! When we are back in the dogyard you can help the guide unharnessing the dogs and walking them back to their homes.

In December and January, the afternoon tours will end in darkness, so the only tour we do have that you will experience both the daylight and total darkness. Total darkness in December and January also means a good chance to see the Northern Lights.

1.950 SEK/Person

Morning tour:

Afternoon tour:

Minimum age: 5

Winterday Tour

A dogsled tour where you will be driving your own sled in the wilderness that surrounds Abisko. One person, one sled, it’s you and the dogs. But don’t worry, there is always two guides leading the tour. The tour will start with an introduction of how to go dogsledding and then you will be ready to go! You will take in the silence and nature around Abisko during the tour.

This is an active activity. You will work as a team with the dogs, helping them in the uphills, breaking in the downhills and keeping balance. Dogsledding is hard work. The guides will be there to help you out during the entire tour. After the tour you will have time to thank the dogs and have the chance to take pictures with them. You can help the guide with unharnessing the dogs and walking them back to their homes.

1.950 SEK/person

Morning tour – January 14th to mid April


Afternoon tour –  February 8th to mid April


There are some requirements you will have to meet in order to do this tour:
Minimum age: 16
Minimum weight: 50kg
Maximum weight: 100kg

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