Northern Light Tours


The Northern Light or the Aurora Borealis is what most people are here to see and there is no better place in the world than Abisko to see them. The first thing you need is a clear sky or at least a half clear sky, clouds are our enemy. This is what Abisko is best at, keeping the clouds away. Not only is there a clear and bright sky very often, in Abisko. It is also so north that you can see the lights from September to the mid of April. You can see the lights from almost everywhere in Abisko but, to give you that little extra we offer you four tours that not only will allow you to see the sky shine with Northern Lights, but also in the best locations that can be found.

Mystery Miellejokk Tour

The trip starts with a sled ride behind a snowmobile, driven by one of our guides. The location of the tour can vary, this is depending on the weather and snow conditions. However, you will always go to a place where there is no light pollution and where you will have great views of the sky. Our locations will have either a tipi or small hut, so you do not have to be outside the whole time. We will also make a fire so you can stay warm while looking for the lights.

Our guides can help with your camera settings or take photos that we can share with you. We also have tripods that you can use. Warm drinks and a light snack are included.

Tour Company: Activities In Abisko

Price: 995 SEK/Person

Time: 20.00 – 23.00

The Great Aurora Chase – Björkliden

Experience the excitement of chasing for the northern lights in and around the mountains and lakes surrounding Björkliden and Abisko! Join one of our professional guides during the peak of the aurora season and search for the magical northern lights in one of our safe, modern vehicles!

The reception of your hotel in Abisko or Björkliden is where this exciting adventure will start. Using their experience combined with local weather and aurora forecasts your professional driver will make the best possible decision about where to look for the northern lights. Traveling up to 100km over the course of the evening you will visit one of several spectacular locations with a proven track record and very high likelihood of success. With locations on lakes and rivers the trip will give you the chance of seeing the auroras in the sky AND reflecting in the open water during the Autumn and reflecting in the polished ice during the Winter. Our team of professionals has access to several spectacular locations including the following:

The beautiful shoreline of Lake Torneträsk.
A quiet bay at the northwest end of Lake Torneträsk.
A spectacular location with sweeping views on the top of Bear Mountain near the border of Sweden and Norway.
An amazing Aurora outlook in the mountains surrounding Björkliden.
A fishing village near the chalet of Torneträsk.


During this adventure, your guide will talk about the Auroras, the history of Abisko National Park and serve you a warm drink. Don’t miss this value packed opportunity to chase the Northern Lights, which will allow you to use our experience and mobility to go to where the Aurora activity is the highest, and where the weather gives us the best possible chance of success!

Pick up/drop off at your accommodation in Abisko or Björkliden and a warm drink is included.

Tour Company: Visit Abisko

Price: from 785 SEK/Person

Time: 20.00 – 23.00

Nightly Aurora Photo Tour

Due to Corona restrictions this tour won’t be carried out in the winter season 2020/21.

Join one of Lights Over Lapland’s professional photographers for an opportunity to see and photograph the aurora borealis in the wilderness of Abisko National Park. Due to clear skies and virtually no light pollution Abisko is one of the greatest places in the world to see the northern lights. We will provide you with a high quality camera & lens and quickly teach you the skills that you will need to find and photograph the magical aurora borealis. Even if you have never used a camera before you have an extremely high chance of going home with beautiful aurora photographs and memories that will last a lifetime! Small groups ensure a very personal and genuine experience. Trips are available from October until the end of March.

Our Nightly Aurora Photo Tours are strictly limited to 10 participants per guide

– maximizing your ability to spend as much one on one time with your guide as possible. We are confident that you will go home with lots of great pictures and memories of the Arctic that will last a lifetime!

Tour Company: Lights Over Lapland

Price: from 1.195 SEK/Person

Time: 20.00 – 23.30

Wilderness aurora photo adventure

Due to Corona restrictions this tour won’t be carried out in the winter season 2020/21.

This is the perfect tour for you who can’t decide which tour to join of the 2 tours above, a combination of the 2 best northern lights adventure we can offer, a new number 1?

We are offering our guests a once in a lifetime opportunity to join one of Lights over Lapland world famous photographers on a sleigh ride adventure into one of the most iconic wilderness locations in the Abisko valley!

The tour begins at the Abisko Mountain Lodge where your guide will provide you with a professional quality DSLR camera, overalls, headlamp and all of the information needed to prepare you for the evenings adventure. After a brief description of how to use your camera your guide will lead you to one of our beautiful snowmobile driven sleighs and help you on board and prepare you for the nights adventure. We will travel through ancient Arctic forests, across frozen lakes, take in incredible mountain vistas and pristine Arctic wilderness before arriving at our exclusive location

– One of Lights Over Lapland’s remote, wilderness camps. Our beautiful outpost is in one of the most remote and scenic locations in the Abisko valley with incredible views in every direction and wide open vistas to the north – the heart of the northern lights. This fantastic location allows our guests to access one of the darkest areas in Abisko which means we will have an opportunity to see and photograph stars, galaxies, the milky way and the aurora borealis with virtually no light pollution.

Upon arrival your guide will help you set up your camera, and help you capture unforgettable images of the northern lights dancing above the Abisko Mountain Range, Lake Torneträsk and all of the other spectacular scenery visible from our wilderness camp. While your professional photography guide helps you make the most of your camera, a professionally trained Arctic guide from our partners at Activities in Abisko will prepare a glowing fire inside of our shelter giving you an opportunity to go inside and warm up while waiting for the northern lights to make the first appearance of the evening. The crackling fire also creates a beautiful glow in the camp that guarantees incredible images in virtually any weather condition. As the evening continues your guide will serve you a light snack and a steaming mug of our delicious Lingonberry juice. The combination of our locally produced lingonberry juice and the magical dance of the northern lights is more than enough to warm your body and sole even on the coldest of Arctic nights!

This incredibly exclusive adventure is strictly limited to 10 guests per trip and includes two highly trained leaders
– one professional photographer and one professional Arctic guide. Lights Over Lapland is the only photography tour operator in Abisko to go to the expense of including two guides for your adventure in the Abisko valley. We believe that this service is crucial when traveling into the wilderness as it provides our guests with the highest levels of service and safety. This spectacular adventure has a ratio of one guide to five guests making this trip the most exclusive photography adventure in Abisko!

Tour Company: Lights Over Lapland & Activities In Abisko

Price: from 1.695 SEK/Person

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