How do I get to Abisko?


Arrival by plane
If you arrive by plane at Kiruna Airport you can take from there the airport shuttle to Abisko.
You can also take the airport transfer bus to Kiruna and then the train to Abisko.
If you need a taxi in Kiruna please check

Arrival by train
When you get off at the train stop Abisko Östra you will go under the railway, when you are in the tunnel you turn right and walk up the hill, after that you will see signs to (pointing left). The total distance from the train station to our hostel is around 250m.

Arrival by bus or car
You walk/drive towards the train station, follow the signs to “” once you have passed the tunnel under the railway you turn left and you will see the sign that read The total distance from the bus stop Abisko Östra to our hostel is around 500m.
We always have free parking if you come with car.

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